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Nancy Brenan Daniel
Quilter, Designer, Teacher, Author, Quilt Judge, Color Consultant 

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Check back often.  I'm slowly rebuilding the web site after
Apple discontinued supporting the original iWeb site.

I do all the work on the site myself... and... I'm fairly slow.
I should have some interesting stuff up soon.


We lost several valuable and very talented quilt artists during 2012.

Jean Ray Laury was talented in so many artistic areas. She was a master designer and teacher, poet, illustrator, and quilt maker.

The first time I noticed her work was in an early magazine... Family Circle of Woman's Day -- I don't remember which. It was a quilt named "Tom's Quilt". A wonderful, "modern" appliqué quilt for her son.  For the first time, after seeing this quilt, I thought of "appliqué" as being something other than butterflies and flowers.

Then -- as I was trying to find my way in creative fields I discovered her book "The Creative Woman's Getting-It-All-Together Handbook". Exactly what I needed!

Eventually I met Jean -- took a 'creative' class or two from her -- and later taught along side her at several events and judged the AQS quilt festival with her in Kentucky in the mid 1990s.

She gave me one of her books at that time. "14,287 Pieces of Fabric". It has become one of my favorite books of poetry -- I love to share her wit, wisdom and wonderful illustrations with my classes.  Try to find a copy of this wonderful book, copyright 1994.  It will not disappoint you.

WELCOME to my web-life.  Here I hope you will find any information you need about my workshops, lectures, seminars and personal art work... feel free to peek around in the corners... you might find some free patterns, hints, or some other fun stuff. 

Below you can find my e-mail address.  Please feel free to contact me by that address.  I'm pretty prompt about responding... as long as wi-fi is available. 

If you write to me please make sure my response doesn't end up in your 'spam' folder. Place my address in your e-mail address book. 


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